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ALON Marketing Group provides the tourism marketing education and training your business needs to work with the travel trade.


Equip your stakeholders and staff with the knowledge required to successfully pursue these markets.


Through speaking engagements/seminars, workshops, and one-on-one sessions, supporting resources, and countless takeaways, ALON Marketing Group will prepare your destination/organization, from decision makers to all levels of your team, for a new and exciting business revenue stream.


Why work with the travel trade?

There are several different types of travel trade buyers that move thousands of travelers through the United States, but one thing they all have in common is their ability to send you volume, repeat, and consistent visitors.



There is a systematic and strategic path to follow when working with the travel trade and ALON paves the road for you. Through our education and training programs, you will prepare to:


  • Define the travel trade
  • Work with the travel trade
  • Develop product, pricing, and systems within your company and destination
  • Understand the travel trade markets and visitor types (i.e. domestic, international, trending, FIT, group, business, leisure, etc.)
  • Distinguish varied types of travel trade buyers and how to qualify them
  • Market to the travel trade with the necessary supporting resources
  • Learn and display “best practice” sales strategies and effective communication
  • Prepare and implement a successful site inspection/Familiarization Tour (FAM Tour)
  • Promote as a destination


Customized tourism education and training is available for destinations, regions and individual tourism businesses.


Please inquire for more information about our in-person, webinar or online courses for your tourism business or destination!


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