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JENNIFER ACKERSON, President of ALON Marketing Group, is a 20+ year veteran of the Travel & Tourism industry. With industry experience in the hotel, destination (CVB), Tourism Promotion Agency (TPA), attractions and tours, transportation, restaurant, and travel buyer sectors, Jennifer has an excellent understanding of the tourism and visitor dynamic. Jennifer’s distinctions include an unparalleled assimilation into the domestic and international buyer/seller relationship, which results in a high level of successful strategic business development ability. Jennifer’s education includes a 4.0 GPA Travel and Tourism Degree. 
Past accomplishments include successful sales, marketing, promotion, and operation initiatives in all above sectors of the travel industry. Jennifer is currently a tourism consultant assisting travel businesses with her expertise in educating travel suppliers and marketing to visitors. Specialty services include:

  • strategic marketing plan development and execution
  • product development
  • project leadership
  • operation re-organization
  • systems and procedures management
  • key relationship building
  • employee training and education
  • event planning
  • global tradeshow sales and representation

Key strengths are:

  • project management
  • leadership
  • human relation & communication skills
  • creativity
  • organization
  • detail & multi-tasked orientation
  • self-starting
  • computer literacy


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JP (JENNIFER PURTILL), has been with ALON Marketing Group since 2008, realizing quickly that her past experiences in the hospitality industry helped prepare her for tourism. JP began her career working in several corporate companies including Jillian’s and the Singh Hospitality Group as well as privately owned restaurants including JP’s Long Island Grill (really!) and Runyon’s Roadside Tavern. JP has experience in virtually all roles in the restaurant and catering industry and seamlessly moved her way to management and general manager. While overseeing staffs of up to 50 employees, JP’s skills have easily transferred over to tourism with excellent abilities such as marketing, systems development, multitasking, event planning and execution, teamwork, exceptional professionalism, outside-of-the-box thinking and positive energy. JP’s hotel and restaurant management education has also been a positive reinforcement for her transition to the tourism industry. JP knows that her keen ability to stay organized and focused are strengths that have helped ALON succeed and grow as a recognized company in the tourism industry.   


As a proud mommy and wife, JP loves being a part of the ultimate goal in tourism; watching the ‘end user’ enjoy their experience while on holiday! Making memories is truly what the tourism industry is all about.


“Life is too short, laugh a lot!”


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JOANNA MILITELLO is a graduate from Farmingdale State College with a degree in Business Management. She initially began at ALON Marketing as an intern in 2015, but upon discovering the dynamic and interesting work the Travel Trade world has to offer, she was hooked! With 4 years of experience in retail, Joanna learned the importance of successful marketing and how the needs and interests of all customers vary. As tourism is ever-changing, Joanna enjoys learning each of the individual travel markets trends and nuances. She is excited to be able to incorporate her passion for creativity from her personal life into her business and looks forward to see what the future at ALON holds!


SAMANTHA ACKERSON, is very intrigued by the travel-trade and tourism industry. As the newest member to the ALON Marketing Group team, she has learned there is never a dull moment and each day brings new and exciting opportunities. Samantha started to travel at a young age which was where she found her passion for seeing the world and discovering all the unique characteristics every country has to offer. Prior to her career at ALON, Samantha worked in retail and has experience in sales, market research, managing and training new personnel, and keeping organized and on top of on-going tasks and promotions. With her outgoing personality and action-packed energy, Samantha enjoys spending time in the gym to achieve her personal goals and exploring Long Island, New York with her family and friends!


NADIA WOJCIECHOWSKI is a native New Yorker whose claim to fame is Technical Assistance. Nadia addresses computer related items, as well as, data entry, CRM, and other ALON Marketing Group needs. Nadia began working in the Tour and Travel Industry in 2010 as a part-time employee hired to work on specific client projects. Nadia loves all the opportunities for adventure and fun that the industry has to offer. Her favorite experience thus far has been on a recent ALON Summer Outing where she was the first one diving off the platform during a zip lining team adventure. Nadia is currently studying Veterinary Medicine in Scotland. Nadia believes that, “There is no other industry that opens your eyes to attractions and activities in your own backyard like tourism does.”


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