Travel Trade tourism training essentially does not exist except through trial and error, experience and time. There is a real need for it, and there are numerous advantages because Travel Trade is the way to business-to-business source or revenue for tourism business and many do not know how to pursue this important business development opportunity. Thus, they never take advantage of it and we believe and want to change that.

Through seminars, workshops and marketing speaking engagements, ALON provides comprehensive tourism training that equips destinations and suppliers with the competence necessary to successfully work with the Travel Trade and to help small businesses to grow and succeed with product offerings that would work with travel trade. Trainings also aim at engaging small businesses in the entire destination, managing tourism by balancing visitors seasonally and geographically; addressing overtourism* by spreading visitors around, engaging more small businesses, creating a strong tourism network by encouraging and helping suppliers to look at each other for partnerships instead of as competition as well as help advance economic development in the destination;

We can work with decision makers or any department of your organization because we take time to prepare our language for the audience with which we engage. We help DMOs offer actual and tangible membership benefits along with attracting new members.

*Overtourism refers to a situation in which conflicts arise between locals and visitors at tourism destinations, due to perceived congestion or overcrowding.

Existing tourism training programs that ALON Marketing Group delivers:

Tourism Ready.JPG

‘Tourism Ready’ Program for NYC & Company, the official DMO of New York City: “Tourism Ready program provides local businesses a better understanding of the power of the Travel Trade, as well as tools for working with this valuable sector to secure advanced bookings and repeat business. For those who may not have worked with the Travel Trade, this program gives an overview of the industry and the benefits of working with it. This series will prepare you to engage with the trade, identify relevant tourism audiences, reach out to industry players and leverage promotional opportunities. The program consists of seven two-hour sessions that take place throughout the year. 
The Program started in the boroughs and was held in each of the five boroughs, and is now being held in two locations in Manhattan.”

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‘Steps to Success’ in partnership with International Inbound Travel Association (IITA): “IITA launched the Inbound Insider Steps to Success education program, a series of seminars and workshops created to help DMOs and suppliers [nationwide] get prepared then work with the inbound operators from development to marketing. Powered with expertise from ALON Marketing, IITA’s Inbound Insider Steps to Success program is designed to be a win-win for the inbound travel industry. Destinations benefit because the program helps close the sales loop with Travel Trade, using bona fide, sellable itineraries, products and services. Individual suppliers benefit from the Steps to Success program because it helps them to prepare stakeholders with the necessary tools to support their destination marketing goals. And finally, inbound operators and the Travel Trade reap the benefits of true partnerships, where destinations and supplier are prepared and ready to support your client’s needs.”
The program has successfully assisted New York, Georgia, Arkansas, Nevada, Pennsylvania and more.

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Effectively working with the Travel Trade can bring win-win outcomes for destinations and tourism suppliers:

Destinations become products to be sold in addition to a place that is promoted;

Suppliers obtain a new repeat revenue source and successfully grow their businesses;

Travel Trade gain capable partners, i.e., suppliers and DMOs that understand the way Travel Trade works, and are equipped and prepared to work with them. In addition, Travel Trade gets new and bookable products; expand their reach and network;

Visitors get improved, tailored and unique experiences.

Enable, educate, equip and empower your stakeholders with the knowledge required to fruitfully take advantage of these business-to-business relationships that offer trackable, stable and long-term global visitor business and an actual, measurable return on investment.